Casa Bonita is an old house restored as a bed&breakfast. It is a National Monument located in a protected historical neighbourhood in the center of Santiago.

Casa Bonita has a high historical value for Chile since it used to belong to the well known Vicaria de la Solidaridad del Arzobispado de Santiago, a foundation created in 1976 aiming to protect and defend human rights during the Military Regime. The Vicaria supported 984 cases and operated during the entire Military Regime. It closed in 1992.

Casa Bonita offers a cosy environment with well furnished rooms, new and modern bathrooms, a comfortable living and dining room, a lovely interior garden and an internet room with free access.

Casa Bonita is personally run by its owners (a Dutch-Chilean marriage) aiming to provide its guests with a quality service for a fair price. Due to its location and infrastructure Casa Bonita is oriented either to tourist and business people.


Casa Bonita contributes to sustainable development by promoting the efficient use of water and energy in the establishment. 

Pasaje República no 5 | Santiago | Chile | Phone: + 56.2.26727302 |